Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dutch, French rejection to EU constitution and global leadership crisis brings humankind rejection to violence, searching for a new life as a system

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Subject: Dutch, French rejection to EU constitution and global leadership crisis brings humankind rejection to violence, searching for a new life as a system

Dear Diane Shalem,

The Netherlands has become the second country to reject a proposed constitution for the European Union, three days after the French turned the proposal down. These indicates that people in those two countries did not listened to their governments and we should say that they disobey their leader's demand. It is clear that lack of leadership becomes a crisis, crisis of leadership. Global political constelation is moving rapidly and dynamic as so the planet earth "becomes older" and "decending" in the lifetime cycle span. I concluded to such phrase due to a terrible sense of global direction that world leaders have, a limited influences. For instance in my homeland Indonesia, although our President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has been elected in democratic way and won more than 60% voters, corruption still his major issue to deal with. Almost one year running in the presidency office, people tends to be sceptical to his directions.
In correlation to global issues, terrorist has become a major concern for global leaders in America continent, Europe continent, Asia continent, Africa continent and others. In Indonesia, to be exact in Sulawesi province, city of Tentena, there has been a bomb blast in a traditional market. Three days later, in Kandahar, Afganistan, a bomb blast hit a mosque. At the same time, Israeli has changed their chief of staff, from Lt. Gen. Moshe Yaalon to Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz. Lt. Gen. Moshe Yaalon emphasized that Israel - Arab peace talk is not in a top priority list to overcome. In mean time, President George W. Bush's statement on North Korea and Iran nuclear plant issues was a burst, giving that in recent Washington Post-ABC News poll, taken last month, 47 percent of Americans approved of Bush's performance, tying the lowest marks he ever received in that survey, back in mid-2004.
It is a crisis of leadership, pointing out to the last poll, and I have to say that too merging to the crisis of governing, lacking of inspiring systems. Snowball directs this leadership's turmoil and I do believe all leaders believe in God, one God. If global leaders can not manage to their "political lust and deceitfulness", there would be more and more "rejection" from people on earth to their government, leadership and charisma.

Andi Prama Ariyandi