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We Could Have Known

Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 15:48:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Andi Prama
Subject: We Could Have Known

From: Andi Prama
Date: Friday, July 22, 2005 02:22 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: Fwd: FW: Crisis of leadership exchange with violence, guns and contra terror?? Declining of market reform, liberalization to be specifies; Capitalism I suppose....

Protests of settlers over Israel pull out in Gaza makes another crisis of leadership in the most part of Earth's continents. The crisis of governing, due to a land dispute between Israel and Palestine, tends to be anger for some orthodox Jewish who believes they have the right to live. In another part of the world, London bomb of 7/7 drives England's Prime Minister, Tony Blair met with moderate Muslim leaders, seeking to enlist their support against Islam extremist (orthodox?), while his government are preparing new anti terror legislation to outlaw incendiary sermons, whom British police and Scotland Yard has concluded that bombers were young Britons. With all respect to the global police fact finding, such government intervention to the religion sector is an attitude of fascism, Stalinism communist, moreover a dictatorship abuse of power. Crisis of leadership in most part of continents has to be solve, conclude with finding the roots of human needs; Jews, Christian, Islam; Hindu and others. The basic needs are freedom of fear, freedom of believes and freedom to be free. Intervention, such as Pentagon statement to China military modernization as a potential threat to the U.S. is just one case of this global community has not learned from the past. More so, Israel's sale of drones to China has been cancelled due to intervention of the U.S., uranium enrichment by Iran for energy purpose has been warned, North Korea's nuclear arms programmed has been a major issue in Asia continent, although the reason for self defense. Freedom to be free are concerning in every aspects, in which the basic needs of human are self sufficiency in politics, economy (prosperity) and place of origin (culture). The beauty of diversity, God has given to humans spirit of knowledge, thought, which is different to animal lust. The above cases of such intervention in religion, governing and nation to nation political threat won't make a clever, wisdom solution to terrorism, poverty and political rejection by people. The meeting that has been held by leaders of the eight major industrial nations (G8) recently to reduce the poverty in Africa continent did not solve the major substance. In my political view, they were acting like a Santa Clause in Christmas season. Poverty, gap between poor and rich is the major issue caused most humans (any religions) tends to be extremist. We are not talking of so called "a communist system of economic, all in the same level", which is against God's willingness, but to be more majesty is freedom to be free itself. Self sufficiency in politics, economy and cultural are what people on earth are searching for now, there would be no more rejection or disobey by people to their leaders.
Perhaps some countries want to make profits in military sector to robust their economic machines???!!!
Best wishes,

Andi Prama

-- Begin message:

Cho Seung-Hui, student at Virginia Tech University who killed at least 30 and committing suicide, is a clear example if inner sight minds and soul becomes full of envious resentment, hatred and envy highly sin of flame, is another epic to this free market globalization trade era. A Korean yellow skin of typical East Asia having slanting eyes, were frustrated caused by portraying a wide gap between rich and poor, the have and have not. A fatal tragedy of capitalism as a system becomes humans killer diseases, much similar to a bird flu, aids, or perhaps anthrax biological weapons for terrorist? When you all modernized people have learned from the past?? We could see a lifetime monumental statues around the globe such as Temple of Posseidon, Colloseo, Sphinx or Pyramid even Borobudur as a back stone for humans to be more civilized, mature, with a sparkling Hands of God, NOT worsening an anger, upscale violence, terror and warizm of humans destruction and morale decadent, ain't we? We have seen ENOUGH, the destruction back then glory of Mesopotamia, now Iraq, where once people around the globe searched for advantage knowledge, science, civilized culture in there. Surely, most Americans are deeply confused at present, while the government foreign policy to stabilize Iraq is to double the military budget; on the other hand common ordinary people are in pain, regret those who were killed by Cho Seung-Hui.
It is a massive of confusing as well as to why most of American land has not seen yet a nice blossom spring season?? The earth have change, fellows, as well as to changing humans behavior. Is the Road Map to the Middle East working right on track as you planned, your Excellency Mr. President, George Walker Bush?? If you look at the uprising tension in that region, well, your political campaign since you proclaimed a winning season to Republican party from a "missionary style" of Bill Clinton's Democrat party was a JUNK campaign. Bill Clinton smoke pods back in college years and he admitted it. You refused a National Guard task as a pilot. Monica Lewinsky cases were different, Bill Clinton needed a balance motions, a far what he got from a straight A student of Hillary Clinton. You have the advantage in there, Mr. Bush Junior, a harmony Christian value. What makes me "anger" from you that you backed Paul Wolfowitz's behavior; he is the chairman for helping poor countries. Most poor countries are in Asia, Africa and South America continent. The role model is an important value for those continents. What would it be if the role model such Mr. Paul Wolfowitz can bring a value to a democracy system of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson combined?? Confusing me as well, Mr. President. The same case as to the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, he raise Fidel Casto as his "political stream" of a new socialism, I don't know whether he closed his eyes, the fact that Berlin's wall has fallen. Confusing to me as well in there too, Mr. President.
General Anthony Zinni reports on changing climate is much dangerous than a nuclear war is CLEAR AND TRUE. We, as planet's earth our "home" to have a cheerful minds and brilliant thoughts, should change our behavior to be more civilized in a sparkling Hands of God, I should say.

Thank you.
Andi Prama