Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fwd: FW: Hamas victory, another leadership crisis or consequences of democratization....ticking the clock as the freezing storm in Europe gets worsen

From: Andi Prama
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 02:02:38 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: Fwd: FW: Hamas victory, another leadership crisis or consequences of democratization....ticking the clock as the freezing storm in Europe gets worsen !

The Muslim Brotherhood or Ikhwanul Muslimin almost won the election in Egypt. Hamas, the Palestinian branch of Muslim Brotherhood, win the election for Palestinian legislative council recently. Hamas, labelled by the West as a terrorist group, particulary United States and Israel, giving the Palestinian to withstand democracy and hoping that would transform Hamas from radical group into a political party, much the same concept to Aceh separatist, GAM in Indonesia. This political power moves much needed for Ariel Sharon's strategy after his contoversial Gaza Strip withdrawal and the implication to the pull out was anger from most Jewish settlers. Should we see another anger from Israeli after Hamas being a legislative council or even further ? Only time will tell. As for now, the time is telling us that almost world leaders deeply concern over Hamas to end their violence activity. In other strong words, EU envoy Javier Solana becomes more explicit and stressed Hamas must disarm, end violence and recongnize Israel's right to exist in order to keep Palestinian-Europe ties intact. How could it be possible if another party, Israel, have an exclusive previledge by having a massive weapon of destructions in the Middle East region ? It is trully undemocratic way of thought while world leaders demand Hamas to renounced terrorism while they do not make any statement nor a comprehensive measures to Israeli's weaponaries machine ? As President Bush statement "I don't see how you can be a partner in peace if you advocate the destruction of a country as a part of your platform" becomes clear that defending of existence is permittable to Hamas and other Palestinian radical groups by raising up their weapons. It is logical if the tense and pressure of downtrodden is up then comes inner sight of dignity to defend its nation. The case is different to Al-Qaeda group, where their ideology is to bring back Islam as the way of life in the old days, no previledge for woman, torture who break the law with barbaric act and so on while Hamas and others fight for Palestinian land dispute. Mutual understanding negotiation could resolve Palestina-Israel land dispute as to counterwise terrorist act can be solve if a proper and comprehensive solution to poverty and stupidity must be taken with an integral system. To the system which standhold in nowadays on most countries, capitalism, cannot bring a clear solution. PANCASILA, the last resort of humans to make a better life as a system, has had introduced political justice and social justice as once, that is, politico-economic democracy which is capable of bringing in social prosperity. Above that, it can be done if the principle of unanimity, the principle of representation and the principle of deliberation amongst representatives should be achieve, NOT an individualism for a state, one group for a state, but it shall overcome a state "all for all", "one for all, all for one". On top of that, the principle of Belief in God, should be worship God according to the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad, the Christian should worship God
according to the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Jews should be worship God according to the teaching of Moses and every person can worship his God as he likes. The whole of the people should worship God in a cultural way, that is, WITHOUT RELIGIOUS EGOISM. The three principles concluded with mutual co-operation, or GOTONG ROYONG in Indonesian term. The principle of mutual co-operation between the rich and the poor, between differ religions,
between Arabs and Israel and so on. Pancasila has been endorsed by our first President, Sukarno to the United Nations as a basic principle for the UN. Go back to where belongs, if seems having difficultiy to solve a land dispute, poverty, stupidity and others. Do not stand up watching extreme bizarre nowadays weather, earthquake disaster, tsunami, hurricane as GOD has a "genuine and big prompt action plan" for humans to live in a "BETTER PLACE".

Best wishes,

Andi Prama Ariyandi