Saturday, August 18, 2012

American Stupidity.

Curiosity rover's computer built for the rigors of Mars
Posted: August 10, 2012

Andi Prama · Trisakti University
Tweet from @AndiPrama.
@AndiPrama: RT @AndiPrama: In the 1990's Pathfinder and now Curiosity, 'analyze' in Mars with the same binoculars? Obama, you are out of your mind!

  • linuxryan2 (signed in using yahoo)
    What are you on about? Binoculars?

    FYI, Obama had nothing to do with the design or manufacturing of Curiosity. He's President, not an engineer.

  • Andi Prama · Trisakti University
    You don't get the bottom line. Where do you come from?

  • les.higgins (signed in using yahoo)
    Andi Prama WHAT? WTF are you batting your gums about? Binoculars, botton line, Obama ... what?

  • Andi Prama · Trisakti University
    Just follow my tweet @AndiPrama you dumb fuck.

  • Bret Williams ·  Top Commenter · Spokane, Washington
    you know?? you don't help your argument by resorting to childish name calling. Have some respect or don't waste people's time here.

    BTW your original post makes absolutely no sense at all. What can Obama possibly have to do with Curiosity and Pathfinder??

  • Andi Prama · Trisakti University
    Hey Bret dumb fuck, are you Americans? Who's your President now? Who's your President when Pathfinder was launched? I was born in Arlington, VA. too, dickhead.

  • Andi Prama · Trisakti University
    Bret Williams and hey, my twitter? @AndiPrama? Go there now!

  • Bret Williams ·  Top Commenter · Spokane, Washington
    Don't have Twitter you twit...and yes I'm American although I don't see why I have to provide proof of any sort to a foul mouthed little child like yourself.

    Forget I asked anything since its clear you have no intention of being in the least bit civil in answering some simple questions.

    Thanks again for providing absolute proof as to why some people are alive ONLY because its against the law to kill them...

  • Andi Prama · Trisakti University
    What? The law to kill them? I don't get it. Are you talking about James Holmes or hmmm... if you have 'cruisin' to my blog, I mentioned Cho Seung-Hui. Have you ever heard of him, stupid?

  • Bret Williams ·  Top Commenter · Spokane, Washington
    You make my point for me...child

    What does any of this babble you are posting have to do with this article's topic??

    And why would I follow a blog from a Neanderthal whose vocabulary consists many of four letter words??

  • Andi Prama · Trisakti University
    Ah you, Predator (Aliens vs Predators movie).
    See, people, there are so many alien races. This, whom I'm talking to, is the bad aliens. So, Bret, let's make war! (in another planet, people).

  • Bret Williams ·  Top Commenter · Spokane, Washington
    Still haven't answered my question. What does your original post have to do with the article topic??

  • Andi Prama · Trisakti University
    You talk to Chief of Staff there in Pentagon, Washington, ass hole.

  • Bret Williams ·  Top Commenter · Spokane, Washington
    What is your problem?? I'm asking a simple question in an effort to understand what you are talking about and you continue to be abusive. Not exactly the best way to get people to listen to what you have to say??

    Worse yet, you continue the foul language in order to convey what?? That you are not intelligent enough to express yourself without the use of profanity??

    I'm asking sincerely, what does your original post have to do with the subject of this article??

  • Andi Prama · Trisakti University
    This article was posted on and talking about Curiosity, which, is a 'llie', as to lie in 'Obama's jink' Mars mission. Got that, Pentagon?

  • Bret Williams ·  Top Commenter · Spokane, Washington
    But Obama DID NOT have anything to do with the construction of Curiosity's computers?? So I'm still missing why your original post is relevant to the topic of Curiosity's computers??

    What part of THIS article is a "lie," as you call it? Again I'm asking sincerely...

    And I can guarantee several things for you:

    1) I am not an Obama fan in the least bit

    2) I've never been even remotely close to the Pentagon.

    3) You are so tied up in being mad about "something" so badly that you are unable to be anything but abusive.

  • Andi Prama · Trisakti University
    Strike 'em, troops!